Neon Signs in St Helens: Brighten Your Business

Kirk Signs is committed to providing superior Neon Signs in St Helens. As a professional signage company based in Liverpool, we extend our services to St Helens, offering businesses there our expertise in neon signage.

Why Choose Neon Signs in St Helens?

Neon signs are a powerful business tool, offering multiple benefits. They provide businesses with a 24/7 advertising solution, ensuring their brand message is visible day and night. Neon Signs in St Helens, installed by Kirk Signs, can help your business stand out amongst the crowd, with their bright and vibrant colours.

Kirk Signs: Your Expert for Neon Signs in St Helens

With over four decades of experience, Kirk Signs has built a reputation for excellence in the signage industry. Our dedicated team ensures maximum impact for your brand by advising, manufacturing and installing the best Neon Signs in St Helens for you and your business.

Our Service Process

  1. Consultation: We take the time to understand your needs and provide expert recommendations for Neon Signs in St Helens.
  2. Design: Our talented designers translate your brand into a compelling neon sign design.
  3. Manufacturing: We use quality materials to build durable and vibrant Neon Signs in St Helens.
  4. Installation: Our experienced team ensures your sign is correctly and securely installed.

Why Kirk Signs?

  • Over 40 years of industry experience
  • Dedicated and professional team
  • Quality materials and manufacturing
  • Expert installation of Neon Signs in St Helens


Neon signs are a cost-effective advertising vehicle with proven returns on your business. With Kirk Signs, you can be certain that your Neon Signs in St Helens will be a powerful addition to your business. Let us help you brighten your business visibility in St Helens.