Flexi Face Signs in Sefton – Attention Getters for Your Business

Flexi Face Signs in Sefton Flexi face signs in Sefton are real attention getters for storefronts, roofs, or as freestanding signs announcing the entrance of an outdoor venue. If you are looking to upgrade your signage, consider flexi face signs. We call these signs flexi face because of the flexible PVC banner that stretches across the aluminium box like a skin. We manufacture the aluminium box to the desired size and securely mount it. You can really go big with this kind of sign. You can also choose from most shapes.  We can help you design the artwork, lettering and colour combinations for the PVC banner. Convey the essentials so customers know who you are, where you are and what’s on offer. At the same time your sign will promote your name recognition. Those are the hallmarks of a hard working sign that is worth your investment.

Our staff knows the value of great signage and we’ve spent over 40 years creating them for our customers. In Sefton, flexi face signs offer great flexibility and durability. The size and shape option is a major benefit. There is also the option to backlight the sign so it can be seen from a greater distance and at night. Lighted signage works 24 hours a day for you. Anytime you want to update your sign, you can change out the banner with another and use the same box. The box will last for years. Your banners are still easily stored. For large signs we create panels with the banners but once they’re up you can’t see the seams. Seasonal signs can be changed out without much trouble because the PVC banner easily installs on the box.

Flexi face signs in Sefton are primarily designed for outside use. The materials can withstand the elements year after year without colour fading. However, since size is optional, we can manufacture smaller size boxes for use indoors. The larger size flexi signs are impressive inside large arenas, airports, and more. Flexi signs allow for a lot of options providing great value for your advertising budget. Contact Kirk Signs – we’ll ensure you get signage that works to promote your business. Our designers will collaborate with you to create the perfect display. Signs identify you and are often the first to make an impression on new customers. We’ll make that first impression a good one.