Flexi Face Signs in Warrington – Top Quality Business Signage at Top Prices

Flexi Face Signs in Warrington Flexi Face signs in Warrington will help take your business signage to the next level. It is eye-catching signage that is visible day and night. Flexi Face signs are a highly effective way to do that. You are accustomed to seeing large rigid outdoor signage made of plastic that is backlit so it’s always visible. Flexi Face takes that concept to a higher, safer and more cost effective level. Look about as you drive the highways and streets in your community. Those large well-lit signs you see on roadways and buildings are likely Flexi Face signs. They can withstand wind speeds up to 140 miles per hour. They don’t present the danger to pedestrians that the heavy rigid plastic signs do. At higher wind speeds, the flexible fabric gives instead of breaking apart. 

Flexible materials are used, often on aluminium frames, so they are lighter weight and less costly to produce. For those in Warrington, Flexi Face signs are made from digitally printed rolled materials that will retain their shape but have the flexibility to prevent shattering. Therefore, it’s a simple matter to make the sign double sided. At Kirk Signs, we can print almost any colour on this fabric and the colours will appear clear and true without fading. We also have more print options and the process is easier. This too makes flexi signs more cost effective. We then stretch the fabric on the frame just as you would stretch the proper fabric on a drum. It’s taunt but flexible. The signs are still backlit and can be made bigger because of their lightweight. 

Unlike rigid plastic, Flexi Face signs in Warrington resist dirt so they stay bright and clean looking. Flexi Face signs are noticed and will be an effective and very attractive advertising tool. If you are ready to make the switch from rigid plastic backlit signs to Flexi Face, contact Kirk Signs. We have forty years of experience in the sign-making business. Our skills can produce just about any sign of any size from any material that you choose. If this is your first signage investment in your business you’ll be getting the most benefit from your advertising budget. The sign will work for you all year round, day and night to draw attention to your business. We work with you from the initial design to full installation. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.