Laser Cut Signage in Garston

Laser Cut Signage in GarstonLaser cut signage in Garston brings high quality and accuracy using all types of materials. We can cut sign components from stainless steel and acrylic. Or we use laser technology to engrave your sign in materials such as brass, plastics and even hardwood. The more traditional signage with built-up channel letters is still done but now we use a combination of hand tools and our CNC machines. We have been creating signage for our customers for over 40 years. We can still make a nice hand engraved and painted solid wood sign if that’s what you want. But we embrace the new technology because it opens up so many more options to get your message out.

These technologies broaden and expand the options for design and sign locations. In Garston, laser cut signage along with computerised design and printing on all kinds of materials makes more interesting and eye-catching signs. The time saving allows us to increase our production. Laser cut signage is versatile because it can be used inside or outside. It’s a great way to get your brand out there to increase name recognition. The edges are smoothed and when you choose metal, we can powder coat it in most any colour. If you have a logo with specific colours, laser cut signage can be easily duplicated but in different sizes for use on interior walls. Each sign is precision cut to perfection.

Laser cut signs in Garston can be part of a complete marketing process for your brand. We can help you design a logo or use one you already have. We can print stationery and business cards using that design. If you want special event t-shirts printed with your logo, we do that as well. Perhaps a large backlit building sign, neon signage in the window and decorative laser cut signs on your interior walls. We can carry your theme to banners, car wraps and more. Contact Kirk Signs and let us show you what we have done for others and what we can do for you. Name recognition is prime in our competitive marketplace. Signage is an area where you want to be repetitive. We can help.