Flexi Face Signs in Huyton

Flexi Face Signs in HuytonOf all the types of signage available, Flexi Face signs in Huyton may be the most versatile, especially for outdoor signs. Kirk Signs can design, create and install a Flexi Face sign in most any size using tension frame sign cabinets attached to your storefront, roof mounted or pole mounted. Flexi Face signs are more flexible and lightweight so we find them to be much easier to install, especially very large signs. That ease of installation and flexible vinyl material also allows sign you to change your sign if you are inclined to change the message on your sign from time to time. Our design staff can make your sign stand out, day and night, which increases your name recognition and gives potential customers your essential information with a glance.

Bespoke signage gives your business advertising budget the biggest return on investment. So for many in Huyton, Flexi Face signs stand out so beautifully they would be difficult to miss. The signs are made of vinyl that is not only flexible but also translucent. The vibrant colours of your design are protected against fading and wear from the elements by a UV clear coat. The sign needs a frame so we build that to size. The flexible sign is digitally printed on what looks like a plastic canvas. We stretch the sign over the frame box. Because the Flex Face is so flexible, it can withstand winds up to 140 mph. The material also resists dirt so the colours stay bright and sharp.

Flexi Face Signs in Huyton are especially popular for larger signs but we can fit whatever size space you have. One of the most appealing parts of a Flexi Face sign is the ability to backlight it. You have bright and sharp true colours displaying your name or message day and night. Examples of Flexi Face signs are often seen on large outdoor venues so imagine that look on the building of your business. It’s not like a lighted sign that gives off light around it. The back light simply makes the sign visible at night. Contact Kirk Signs and schedule an appointment with our designers. A Flexi Face Sign may be the best investment of your advertising money, especially if it’s used to mark your business on a street full of signage. Your sign will be eye catching.