LED Illuminated Signs in Southport

LED Illuminated Signs in SouthportKirk Signs is the natural source of LED illuminated signs in Southport. Our dedicated team knows how to maximise your return on your investment in signage. Forty years of experience and we continue to see signage as the number one vehicle for name recognition. Add lights to your sign and easily double your name recognition. For years businesses have been spelling out their name and logo in individual light bulbs or glorious colourful neon. Neither is energy efficient, and both are expensive to create, maintain and operate. LED lighting has brought us a flexible source of energy efficient, low maintenance and economical source for illuminated signs. The initial investment in LED signs was costly but the price has been steadily declining.

We can do so much with LED lighting to make your sign unique. In Southport, LED illuminated signs made up of tiny chips by Kirk Signs can be configured into any shape and are safe for indoor and outdoor use. We also use LED strip lights that come with an adhesive backing and the light strips are very thin and flexible so we can shape them. Letters and logos are easily illuminated and the strip lights are perfect for dramatic backlighting. LED wall washer lights illuminate your signage and large portions of your building. It’s impressive. At Kirk Signs we have many options using LED illumination to draw attention to your sign.

LED illuminated signs in Southport is a good way to make your signage and name recognition memorable. That is, after all, the objective when investing in signage. Of course it can be combined with other kinds of interior and exterior signage. We have some outstanding designers on staff that with your input can create a completely unique and easily identifiable sign for your business. Using lights doubles your sign exposure after all since it can be see more clearly during the day and all night. Contact Kirk Signs and schedule a consultation to discuss and plan your business LED illuminated sign. Remember, LED is energy efficient so while your exposure goes up your costs will not. You could go years without any maintenance or replacement costs.