Neon Signs in Merseyside

Neon Signs in MerseysidePremium quality neon signs in Merseyside can give your business a big step-up. At Kirk Signs, we offer a variety of signage options that make your brand a visible, memorable presence, day or night. Many businesses shut shop after hours and this means that people who pass by at night may not even know of its existence. A bright, colourful and attractive neon sign ensures that your business stands out from its competitors and provides a great piece of illuminated artwork for everyone to enjoy. Our team of highly talented, experienced designers can transform your ideas into eye-catching, bespoke signs to match your unique needs, preferences and budget.

If your business is based in Merseyside, neon signs provide an affordable, attractive advertising option for your business, no matter how big or small. Neon signs have a long, bright and colourful history. They’ve been around since 1910, when a Frenchman named Georges Claude first demonstrated neon lighting at the Grand Palais Exhibition in Paris. This is when a colleague of his realised the commercial possibilities for advertisement and signage using neon lighting tubes. One of the first neon signs in the world was installed in 1913 advertised Cinzano. When these signs were first installed in California ten years later, they literally stopped traffic. Their subsequent popularity was responsible for the creation of Las Vegas as a resort and entertainment hub. Today there are several museums in the world that are devoted to neon art.

Neon signs in Merseyside are very popular because they’re so versatile. These tubes can be bent to any shape, form or size. There’s a charming retro look and feel to these signs that accounts for their timeless appeal. Being almost completely hand-made, neon signs have a strong artistic element that gives your business a strong identity and charisma. Good quality neon signs are extremely long-lasting and require very little maintenance. They’re tough and sturdy and can withstand lots of exposure to harsh weather. You can refill the gas to give them a new lease of life. For enquiries or more information about neon signs, contact Kirk Signs. With our many years of experience, dedication to customer service and great prices, we’re sure to help you create the perfect neon sign for your business.