Flexi Face Signs in Crosby

Flexi Face Signs in CrosbyGive your business that instant visibility and Wow! factor with flexi face signs in Crosby from Kirk Signs. We’re proud of our more than four decades’ business experience in this sector. We understand the vital importance that signage plays in making your brand accessible, memorable and enduring. It’s the perfect way to showcase your brand, 24×7, all the year round, whether your business is open or closed. Signage has proved to be one of the simplest, most effective and affordable ways to advertise and give you maximum returns.

Our talented design team can help you create instant recall, innovative and relevant signage to match your unique needs, preferences and budget. In Crosby, flexi face signs are typically used in outdoor locations. You can place them in retail parks, malls, shop fronts and other kinds of customer-fronting locations. It is called “flex face” because of the production method. Manufacturing this sign involves stretching a flexible, PVC banner tightly across the face of your sign like a skin. This allows you to create large scale signage, or seamlessly weld together different PVC prints, which is not possible when you use rigid formats like plastic or acrylic. Another huge plus point in using flex face signs is that they’re weatherproof and can resist high winds too. Transportation and stocking are much easier with these signs. Clients are delighted at the ease with which these signs can be installed too. The most common method of installation is to place them on an aluminium box that can remain in place as a semi-permanent structure. The sign is clipped on with a system of clips to hold it in place. This way, you can change the flexi face as often as you like, creating a new and interesting sign at regular intervals.

Flexi face signs in Crosby are so popular because of their modern, trendy look and the use of stunning visuals, colours and design. This helps to present your business in a highly distinctive and creative way. If you are interested in flexi face signs for your business, contact Kirk Signs today. These boxes or cabinets can be seen everywhere and because they’re over-sized, they certainly grab your attention.