Neon Signs in Formby

Neon Signs in FormbyNeon signs in Formby will add pizzaz to your shop window or over your entrance. If pizzaz is not what you’re looking for but rather an eye-catching but elegant flow of coloured lights neon can achieve that. At Kirk Signs we have vast experience in all kinds of sign making and that includes neon. There are several art forms involved from designing the sign to heating the glass tubes and shaping them to fit the design. The neon gas and the colour of the glass tubes create the colour. While once the only colour was red neon signs now can be any of hundreds of colours. Neon signs are a valuable advertising tool even if the sign is small and subtle. Our eyes are drawn naturally to light so potential customers will see your sign.

Passersby will see a neon sign even if they are not aware they are seeing it. In Formby, neon signs are those that will stay in memory. Many of us can remember the little neon sign in the jeweller’s window that spelled diamonds or watches in lights. Movie theatres, amusement parks and Casinos are glitzy and meant to advertise and light up the night. These large colourful signs are very effective. However, most business owners prefer the smaller neon signs that are tasteful yet still effective and memorable. Signage may be the most important advertising money you spend. You want to make it count and get the greatest value for your money possible. After all, your business sign will be associated with your business in the minds of your customers.

All neon signs in Formby are not created equal. Like anything else there are some who will find a cheaper way to do the job and sell it to you as quality. Kirk Signs has been in business for over forty years. We endure because we manufacture signs that endure. Contact Kirk Signs and make an appointment to view our neon sign samples. If you have an idea for a sign, we will design and create it or we can offer several ideas from which you may choose. Our job is not finished until the sign is professionally installed to perfection. We know how that is done, and it’s a lot more work than nailing a wood sign to the side of a building. With hanging brackets and chains securely suspended your neon sign will hang in place lit up for all to see.