Flexi Face Signs in Prescot

Flexi Face Signs in PrescotFlexi face signs in Prescot can be made to any size and shape you wish. Your sign not only lets people know where you are, but it also tells prospective customers something about you. The affordable flexible sign can be fitted over a box in a variety of shapes. This can be lit from behind to make the sign stand out. This type of signage is lightweight but very durable. It is made from a flexible vinyl skin which is tensioned over a light metal box. The box does not have to be rectangular but can be made in other shapes to suit your sign design. There are a number of systems used to stretch the fabric over the metal frame and hold it tight. They allow you to periodically tighten the sign during maintenance. The unit is weather resistant and very durable.

When you have an unusual shape of banner in Prescot, flexi face signs can be made into any shape you choose. You will not be limited as to the size of your sign or banner, although you may have to have more than one seam if it is very large. These signs are very popular as they can be easily changed and will allow you to change the display with minimal cost. They are seen everywhere, especially at UK airports, industrial parks and on the high street. Without really good signage you will be swept into obscurity. One thing that people remember when they are looking for something is where they saw the sign. They will only remember it if it is bold and memorable.

Flexi face signs in Prescot are simple and easy to install. Contact Kirk Signs today and speak to us about eye catching flexi face signs. We have over 40 years of experience in signage and can guarantee you will be astonished by how easy and cost effective our signage is. Let your customers know who you are and where to find you.