Laser Cut Signage in Ormskirk

Laser Cut Signage in OrmskirkGrab attention for your business or store-front with laser cut signage in Ormskirk that’s expertly tooled by Kirk Signs. We create unique, professionally-crafted shop signs, museum and exhibition signage, point of sale signs, window displays and much more. Whatever material you’d like your signs to be made from – whether it’s plastic, wood, metal, acrylic, or stainless steel – we use state-of-the-art equipment to fashion a sign that’s just right for you. We work with you and provide the benefit of our design experience to make what matches your taste, preferences, budget and the nature of your business.

We use computer aided cutting machines which makes it easier to make sharper corners and fill in the micro details – something that’s almost impossible to produce with other machines. In Ormskirk, laser cut signage provides a modern and striking yet elegant look to your shop front. Laser cutting is versatile and these specialist signs ensure that your business remains eye-catching 24/7, whether you’re open or closed. In fact, a well-produced sign is a permanent ad for your business and if it’s unique enough, will be memorable as well as attractive. At Kirk Signs, our professionally trained, experienced and qualified design team can help you to get the maximum value for your brand by designing, producing and installing the best signage.

Laser cut signage in Ormskirk is made by directing a high-powered laser beam on to the material to be cut, so that it burns, melts or evaporates away the unwanted bits. A big advantage of laser cutting is that you can also do engraving at the same time. Contact Kirk Signs for more information on laser cut signage. We can work on glass, mirrors and different types of acrylic including frosted, clear, fluorescent or coloured acrylics, to create one-of-a-kind custom-built signs. Acrylic is one of the toughest and most durable materials that can be used for signage. Its smooth, semi-transparent finish makes it ideal for installing lighting systems. It’s also highly mouldable, light-weight and looks very attractive when properly designed and mounted. They’re also very cost-effective, and provide a superb backdrop for sophisticated graphics.